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Software & E-Commerce Services

E-commerce or Electric commerce the SEO Power.com supplies you a few easy steps by which you can get maximum advantage from your sites displayed online 24 hours. You can build and publish a stand-alone store or add one to an existing WebSite, as you wish or as it suits for your business. Our efforts are to make you to the maximum number of customers by entering some of the popular world wide websites such as eBay, Froogle, Customised Way Services, Online Customers Sites and Quick Books etc. At all these sites millions of customers access daily.

Use the Wizard Tech: Using highly technical Wizard is one of the most popular and best ways to increase the possibility of business. Chose more professional templates and well designed layouts that give you a boost in look.

First impression is the last impression. So your business house should use professional templates for advertising the business to attract the customers. The professional templates work like packaging beautifully of the goods.

Build Attractive Catalogues: Your catalogues should be luring, not only for the permanent buyers but for anyone who comes across your business detailing on the web site. For those who are serious buyers are sure to do their business but those who just open your site and view the ranges available with you should feel as such that even they could conduct a purchase.

For this it is essential that you add more and more photos and graphics to represent your items on sale. Have a detailed list of items with their prices. This clears about what types of items are available and at what price. You should have multiple purchase option, special offers on a certain package and easy and fast delivery systems which make the customers comfortable to buy a thing of his choice.

Offer variety of payment methods: Offering variety of payment systems is one of the attractive methods to increase the sale. Accept credit cards, debit cards, ITZ-like cards, special online paying systems like PayPal, StormPay, eBay etc. So that no buyer has to wait for possessing the items of his choice.

Keep updated with the developments going on in the IT sectors as new methods come up each other day and implement them as soon as possible. This gives your company credibility and potentiality.

Publish your business and Update it: Wait not with your entire business strategies ready at hand. Publish it quick. As soon as you are in the world of internet you are visible to millions of customers.

Your responsibility however does not end here. Keep it updated in real-time and manage your growing business better with a customer database. This gives the customers a real feeling of belonging with the company. So that you are ever fresh to the customers and every one may rely you are currently doing business.

Publish current SEO reporting: Establish a system that gives a detailed reporting on the total sale with the types of items and the regions where they sale better. This gives a reliable report on the potentiality on daily sale and the preference of the articles from a particle company.

Enlist your business with Online Sale Tools: Enlist your business in the Froogle Search Engines, EBay, QuickBooks and other online sale systems. Arrange your sales are on sale in various ways like pay-and-buy instantly, participate-in-the-auction, participate-in-the-lucky-draw on purchase of a certain amount etc.

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