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Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a method which involves maximization of market capability of the sites and domains and enhancing their marketing potentiality. Its service is not just confined to maximization of marketing capability but also the positioning and ranking of the given sites and increasing the exposure of the sites/domains in the search engines.

The optimization upgrades the sites in many ways so as that the individuals and searchers can be able to spider a site through the standard Search Engines of like Google, Yahoo, MSN and other Search Engines.

The optimization is not a simple task any way. A host site need to be spiddered easily but there are some important reasons of technology and security involved.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important?

Given the i-Generation scenario it has become essential for almost all companies especially dealing in Information Technology, IT sourcing businesses, BPOs, ITeS, IT professions and others that they get a space on the web spread across the world.

The i-Generation has heralded an era of internet based services. Now majority of the works and services can be done online from any where in the world be it Stock Exchange, Forex Trading, Online Education, Out Sourcing Businesses, Customer Care Services, e-Publications, e-Banking and other online services. Generally all types of works are possible online now. 

At the same time the i-Generation has made it possible for the technocrats and IT companies to work for their clients beyond geographical boundaries in shortest possible time with the best available systems.

But hosting a website or domain is not like running a printing business of the past eras; it takes a lot of responsibilities and technologies for making an image in the space of search engines.

It involves risk of different sorts like how to avoid spamming, how to increase the visibility on the search engines, how to maximize your marketing from the targeted customers and how to realize your purpose in the best possible ways which may work in your interest.

Hosting a website therefore involves two important hiccups. One, the standard search engines have to identify a site as distinct as possible from a myriad of thousands of thousands already existing sites in the directories of the Search Engines.

The challenge is that these Search Engine directories first filter if the proposed website/domain is a genuine or a spam. For unless it is clear whether the sites/domains are genuine or spasm, the Search Engine directories will not include them into their directories.

Two, even if  a site is included in the search engine’s database search drive, the customers and the searchers will come to spider them from (what has already been said) a million of already existing sites.

This poses a challenge even to a genuine website to be essentially as distinct as possible so that it is traced out fast and easily. Confusing URLs or closely similar URLs will become a sweating work for the searchers and the customers. This will surely give a negative impact and so will hamper the business.

See some URLs and decide which would be more professional:

EXP 01:
www.Jonthanswift.com             (with ‘J’ in capital)
www.swiftjonathan.com            (with no capitals but surname altered)
www.JonathanSwift.com           (with ‘J & S’ capitals)
www.jonathanswift.com            (with no capitals)

EXP 02:

(These sites are largely different from one another.)

A look at these sites in Example 01 and Example 02 may give little difference to a new searcher or those who have little knowledge of the search engines but to an expert they pose a great difference.

The sites in Example 02 are more genuine and strong from the eye of Search Engine Marketing systems. For they are distinct and genuine and would not end up being branded as spam.

To be identical on the search engines database drive and to be spiddered easily by the searchers and customers it is advisable that the sites/domains should follow some technical methods which make the host sites have their single identical image in the search engines.

For implementing these technologies we must have some strong systems with us and for which stands the SEO Power.com. The SEO Power.com is striving in the effort that it has the updated systems and technologies in the field of SEO and SEM for a comprehensive search optimization for one and all.

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